Thursday, September 15, 2016

Salt Lake Comic Con: The Good. The Bad. The Ugly? Part 1

Salt Lake Comic Con
The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

I'm never sure if I should lead with the good or the bad, but this time, I'll go with the saying and start with the good. I'll most likely end with the good too if that's okay. I'd hate to leave Comic Con on a sour note.

#1 How could you not love an event that gives people an excuse to dress up?

I wore my Tinker Bell T-shirt
and look who shows up.
This Snow White even spoke in that
high-pitched voice from the movie
Love a fun Cowboy play on
Harry Potter
Can we just say, Yum?
After seeing this beauty, I couldn't
get bibity bobity boo out of my
head for hours 
Anime and Manga definitely dominated
this Comic Con

#2 the FANS

As authors, we are there for the fans. Meeting and signing books for those who love them is the best ever. I'm terrible at remembering to take pics. The first day, I didn't take a single one. I went the second day determined to get a bunch.  So, I got a few. :) 

And this little beauty is the niece
of one of my friends and guess
She loves my books.
Selfie time.

Do you know this crazy dude?
#3 Fan-girling over awesome authors

This is Ally Carter. Can you believe it? She was so
incredibly nice. And guess what? She's working on
a stand-alone....
I also got a pic with Kiersten White who has my same awesome agent, but
alas, I can't find it. Maybe my dog ate it. 

The one author I'd love to have met? Hmmm. Sarah J. Maas would
top my list.

Comic Con was a fun, wild ride this year. Can't wait for next year.  

P.S. The Bad is coming on the next post...I've rambled on too long already.  

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