Monday, May 2, 2016

Yep! My Mom's to Blame.

One of the favorite things I did with my MOM 
growing up is make candy.  (Book Sale and giveaway)

My favorites? Her caramel and white fudge. YUM- no, double YUM.

Both of these things require a lot of consistent stirring (caramel especially) and strength (white fudge) and with crippling arthritis settling in, she doesn't often make them anymore.

I decided someone needed to pass on the tradition and it would HAVE to be me. I know, making candy is such a chore....but....:) What I discovered is that she made it look easy, and even though I helped a lot, I didn't have any idea what the tricks were to making these two luscious treats successfully.

After many failures, many coaching sessions, and finally getting a proper candy pot, I can say that consistently perfect caramel and white fudge come from my little kitchen now.

My mom's legacy lives on and YES!
I blame her for my love of all things sweet...
She's definitely the one to blame...let's not even talk about the chocolate addiction.

Now my mom and I share another addiction--reading. The best part is that this is something that even arthritis can't take away. Hooray!

Here's a little sale for you. Maybe you can find a couple ten or twenty books to share with your mom today (most are free or .99 cents this week only). And, Kate Unmasked is included. It's never been on sale before. It's the perfect time to get started on this series because the final one comes out next month. And there's even a giveaway of a $50 gift card- go win some money for more books.

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Good Luck and happy reading. Take some extra time to celebrate your mom this week.

What's one of your favorite memories with your mom?

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