Friday, April 1, 2016

The Balanced Life of an Author

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The chronicles of a typical nutso week that will have zero balance (Don't tell, but 80% of my life is like this)  

Thanks Tahiti Dance dot com for the pic. :)

Monday-I need to finish writing Kate Concealed...but the tomatoes need canning and hair needs coloring-or is gray the new it color-aren't teens going gray? Is my stylist still in Riverton? Does it really take four hours? And it seems like something important is happening tomorrow....what was that? Oh, and FHE is tonight. Gotta have family love.

Tuesday-I need to finish Kate Concealed...but the pears need canning....and tomatoes need canning..and I need to perfect 2 presentations- or should I just wing it?  Oh, and Fatal Exchange is LIVE...I really should tell people. Yeah, that's what I forgot yesterday. psst. Fatal exchange is live- go grab it. Print and eBook. YES! 
Amazon:  Barnes and Noble:  iTunes:  Kobo:  I hope that counts.

Wednesday-I need to finish Kate Concealed...but I need to be teaching kids at a school visit all day and then set up for Comic Con-the tomatoes and pears still need to be canned. Was I in charge of dinner?

Thursday-I need to finish Kate Concealed...but I need to be at Comic Con- come see me-all my books will be there-even Fatal Exchange. I'd love to sign yours. (note to self-don't forget the pens) Should I practice my speech for tomorrow? Or prepare for the class I've got to teach at church? Oh, the laundry- shoot. Did I leave it in the washer on Saturday?

Friday- I need to finish Kate Concealed...but I will be at Comic Con and then speaking at a women's retreat- Oh, and the pears and tomatoes need canning- did I mention the grapes are ripe? Where's the juice? Oh, I have to do that, don't I? Tomorrow's homecoming for Hannah-Hunger Games for the day date and lots of sparkles for the dance- can we say steak for dinner? Go Outback.

Sat(yeah, by this time in the week everything is getting shortened.) I need to finish Kate Concealed...but I will be at Comic Con- and the grapes, they smell amazing- anyone say grape juice? oh, and I need to prepare a talk for the youth on Sunday- is that tomorrow?  And Hannah has homecoming- Can't miss that- must take pictures. She's going to be stunning.

Sun-I need to finish Kate Concealed...but I will be worshiping- and did I tell you the all the peppers and onions are ready to use with the tomatoes to can salsa? p.s. they were ready last week...and the watermellons-I need to pick the melons. Yum. First great crop ever- we must've had the perfect weather this year. Lucky me. Lucky you.

Oh, and silly me, I forgot I actually needed to feed the family and maybe talk to them, clean the house and oh, of course, get the laundry done. And for the love, ...there's the dog.

The one thing I hope you got from this post- How much I LOVE my LIFE. It's the best- but, I would appreciate it if any of you could deposit some time in my daily time bank-I sure could use some. :)
Maybe then I'll have BALANCE- and some yummy grape jelly.

Oh, and the beached whale needs assistance- anyone?

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